Three records management certifications to pursue

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As the records management scene continues to shift, professionals should consider pursuing additional records management certifications to stay relevant.

November 7, 20187 mins
Three Records Management Certifications To Pursue | Iron Mountain

The records management profession has certainly changed over the past few years. For instance, while a records manager's responsibilities used to only cover hard-copy documents, records managers all over the world now deal with such things as data privacy concerns, information governance (IG) initiatives and unmanaged shared drives. This shift in responsibilities has forced many records managers to broaden their skills and explore other records management certifications. The following are three records management certifications you should consider pursuing to bolster your skills and your professional marketability.

Certified Information Privacy Professional Credential

The Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) credential was created by the International Association of Privacy Professionals in 2004. The CIPP credential tests your knowledge of current privacy laws and indicates you know how to apply them in your organization. CIPP offers four jurisdiction-focused certifications for the U.S. private sector, U.S. government, Canada and Europe. With the current increase in data breaches and cybersecurity threats, this certification alone will provide the privacy skills you need to join the conversation with the legal team.



According to ARMA International , there are more than 100 certified information governance professionals to date.


Information Governance Professional Certification

The Information Governance Professional (IGP) certification was created by an independent governing board and endorsed by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. The IGP credential demonstrates you have the strategic perspective and knowledge to assist your organization in maximizing information value while reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with information assets.

The six competency domains on the exam include managing information risk and compliance; developing an IG strategic plan; developing an IG framework; establishing the IG program; establishing IG integration and oversight; and aligning technology with the IG framework. IG is surely a hot topic these days, and some records managers who have obtained this records management certification have gone on to assume leadership roles in the field of IG.


Pros of Automating Records Disposition

The volume of digital data that is available for records disposition or destruction continues to grow as records and information managers and information governance professionals are faced with big decisions. Systems are beleaguered with more data than they can handle when using traditional methods.


Certified E-Discovery Specialist Certification

The Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) certification was created by a fully independent organization and endorsed by the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists. The CEDS credential responds to the need for professionals with diverse knowledge and skills in the e-discovery marketplace. It shows employers you have what it takes to complete a wide range of challenges related to e-discovery. The topics covered throughout this certification exam include project planning, litigation hold implementation, document review, data processing and budgeting.

While you should consider pursuing these three records certifications this year, remember to just start with one so you do not get overwhelmed. Each offers its own skills that can be used to help you as a professional and your organization's records management program as a whole.

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