Bilkent Cyberpark syncs processes across multiple stakeholders

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A pioneering European technology venue embraces automation and moves to paperless for faster data access and greener workflows.

November 10, 20238 mins
Bilkent Cyberpark syncs processes across multiple stakeholders




Inconsistent data access speeds and desire to reduce environmental impact


enVision Workflow Automation


  • Provides rapid access to information to save time
  • Reduces costs to improve business outcomes
  • Automates processes to free up resources and increase focus on strategic goals
  • Streamlines deployment with ease of use to create rapid implementation
  • Enables environmental benefits via a greener business approach

Technology parks, science parks, cyber parks—they go by different names, but these areas dedicated to software development and IT innovation are springing up around the globe. In Turkey, one such site has been drawing attention as a leader in driving a technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. Bilkent Cyberpark, the country’s first private university technopark, was established by Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding in 2002.

Among the largest technoparks in Turkey, it’s home to 240 researchand-development companies, five research centers, and one micro/nano chip factory. Coordinating the many companies at Bilkent Cyberpark and the locale’s 4,000 employees requires robust management.

The cyberpark needed an agile software solution that would help automate its paper-based activities. The goal was to transform into a fully integrated digital environment.

By saving time and reducing costs via digital transformation, Bilkent Cyberpark can focus more resources on supporting international startups with programs, events, and training.

Tech supports tech

As a part of its mission, Bilkent Cyberpark creates strategic partnerships in target countries, and works to identify potential business opportunities worldwide. So when the company was looking for a workflow automation solution, its research included a range of companies.

After carefully reviewing multiple vendors, they selected a solution developed close to home—the enVision content management system. Before joining Iron Mountain, the makers of enVision operated out of an office at Bilkent Cyberpark.

“There is also an emotional side to this for us,” said Faruk İnaltekin, General Manager of Bilkent Cyberpark. The enVision solution is, “now renowned and successful, not only in Turkey, but worldwide. It made us proud to work with a company that had grown and developed within our facility.”

Faster access to data

The greatest value of the enVision solution for Bilkent Cyberpark was rapid access to information. Their business thrives on data and reports, so the winning solution had to improve internal communication channels. The ability to customize digital forms according to their needs was also crucial.

“To get the fastest access to data, to classify data as you please, to be able to obtain a report whenever you wish, at whatever speed and with whatever dimensions you desire … these things are very important for us,” İnaltekin said. “These are the elements we benefit from the most.”

Bilkent Cyberpark was further drawn to enVision because it comes equipped with advanced and customizable reporting tools, seamless two-way integration capabilities, and support for web, as well as mobile access. It is user-friendly and easy to learn, speeding implementation.

Supporting a range of roles, the platform offers document access control, version control, and audit trail features.

Going green, staying agile

After deploying enVision, stakeholders at Bilkent Cyberpark were able to adapt quickly. More accurately, the solution adapted to meet company needs and fit its processes. Leadership especially appreciated the high-level security and file encryption to protect the organization from liability.

An additional and significant benefit of modernized workflows for Bilkent Cyberpark was the move to becoming a paperless office. As part of the company’s ethos, they strive to consume fewer natural resources and reduce their footprint.

“Protecting the environment that we live in is one of our most important considerations,” İnaltekin said. “We certainly care about technical opportunities and conveniences such as access to data, but of course, it is also important to us to leave future generations a green environment and more trees.”

Data solutions for the IT Industry

Now that Bilkent Cyberpark has streamlined workflows and digitized data processing, stakeholders have rapid access to the information they need when they need it. The company can focus on its mission to support and inspire technology innovation in Europe. And, they can move forward knowing they’ve minimized their environmental impact.

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