Regional bank securely disposes of IT assets with Iron Mountain secure ITAD

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Iron Mountain's Secure ITAD program provided a one-stop-shop for ensuring uniform secure and sustainable disposition of every IT asset across every location, including media destruction, remarketing, and e-waste recycling.

May 13, 20218 mins
A pile of discarded IT equipment


A small regional bank needed to safely and securely dispose of IT assets across five branches and a data center as it began a massive upgrade to its backendand customer-facing technologies. The project included decommissioning a datacenter as the bank moved more enterprise systems to the cloud to enable remote access by employees. ATMs would be replaced with upgradedkiosks to provide more self-service functionality to customers in light of social distancing demands. That meant the bank had hundreds of data-bearing IT assets at end-of-life across different locations. An auditable process along with consistent oversight in disposition was critical to reducing risk, and a previous strategy of allowing each bank to choose its own ITAD provider wouldn't suffice to ensure the robust legal and regulatory compliance required.


Iron Mountain's Secure ITAD program provided a one-stop-shop for ensuring uniform secure and sustainable disposition of every IT asset across every location,including media destruction, remarketing and e-waste recycling. Data-bearing media and hard drives were either destroyed onsite in compliance with industry regulations and data privacy laws, or sanitized (wiped,degaussed, etc.) and remarketed to offset overall project costs. All remaining assets were de-manufactured intocommodity categories and recycled in an eco-friendly manner. Secure chain of custody procedures allowed the bank to lead with sustainable business practices, while also ensuring visibility and proper documentation to reduce the risk of noncompliance.


  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is protected because data-bearing media and hard drives are destroyed onsite in compliance with federal and state privacy laws and regulations
  • Project cost is decreased because remaining assets are tested, graded, refurbished and re-sold to maximize value recovery
  • Risk is reduced significantly through secure chain of custody procedures which allow verification at the individual asset level and ensure auditable certificates of destruction


With Secure ITAD, you can:

  • Be confident with online portal access
  • Easily place orders, access IT asset reporting and see details of the entire IT asset disposal process across every location
  • Be a leader with world-class logistics and processing
  • Adopt logistics and processing relied on by Fortune 1000s, including a thorough evaluation of requirements, advance estimate, pickup, transportation, tagging, destruction/sanitization, chain of custody, and recycling/remarketing
  • Ensure consistency across all sites
  • Enjoy local support with a regional point of contact but also access to a network that can scale to provide consistent operations, processing and reporting across any location
  • Rest easy with pre-approved rates
  • Fully understand costs in advance with pre-approved rates and benefit from an extensive network of hardware resellers to recoup costs from fast and secure remarketing

Failure to properly dispose of IT equipment can have serious consequences for your data, the environment, and your brand reputation. Iron Mountain works with e-Stewards, or R2 certified partner organizations that follow the strictest environmental and data privacy guidelines. Protecting critical information for decades, information management is what we do.

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