Create and deploy effective information governance

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Know your obligations and show compliance with Iron Mountain's Policy Center software.

February 29, 20246 mins
Create and deploy effective information governance


Organizations today struggle with an increasingly complex compliance environment where both requirements and standards vary by region, country, state, and even city. Staying ahead in this constantly changing landscape is difficult, and falling behind can be costly to organizations that are not equipped with a defensible retention schedule, or the tools to enforce it.


Compliance efforts often consume valuable resources and time that could be better devoted to driving the key missions of the business. The potential landmines of even a single infraction can stand as a barrier to growth and profitability. This can delay the deployment of new products and services, impacting a business’ bottom line.

With technologies like artificial intelligence, this complex environment is accelerating as content is now created at machine speed, creating tremendous compliance exposure and risk.

What if you could

An effective and comprehensive compliance strategy, along with solid tools to enforce that strategy enables organizations to:

  • Reduce the risk of litigation and fines by keeping retention and privacy policies current
  • Save information storage costs by confidently disposing of documents, and
  • Enable quick access to the information needed to fulfill audit requests, while providing a legally defensible retention schedule for compliance.

Iron Mountain Policy Center

Policy Center is a subscription-based software created to help you stay up to date on ever-changing legal retention requirements. It helps organize and manage records for compliance from creation through secure disposition. Policy Center accurately shows your compliance obligations based on your industry and location, and provides a legally defensible retention schedule so you know what you need to keep, and what you can securely dispose of, to save space and time, while reducing the risk of fines.

  • Stay on top of regulatory changes.
    The depth and richness of international legal research incorporated into Policy Center make it unique with over 77,000 legal citations from more than 130 countries, as well as privacy and data compliance obligations.
  • Reduce cost.
    With the legally-defensible retention schedule, you know what you need to keep, and what you can securely dispose of, to save on storage costs.
  • Quickly respond to audits.
    Authorized team members can quickly access the information needed to respond to audits. When integrated with InSight, it also enables employees to complete internal and external audit work more efficiently — in 25% less time.

Policy Center is available in four editions. All editions include a retention schedule. Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions include the option for one or more industry-specific retention schedules. The Enterprise edition includes global coverage, and connects to a variety of content management systems to integrate information governance into where information lives. Below is an overview of the available editions.

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Essential Edition

Provides a ready-made retention schedule that covers the basic functions of the business. Includes suggested record classes and retention rules for a country, updated annually.


Standard Edition

Adds the ability to modify record classes and retention rules, enabling the business to align their currently operating model or their industry-specific requirements to their document retention.

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Professional Edition

For customized retention schedule(s) to address multiple industries and/or countries. Includes continual legal updates and other more advanced, customizable features.

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Enterprise Edition

Create, publish and maintain customized retention schedules in unlimited jurisdictions. Legal updates are continuous. Can include custom views, snapshots, languages and integrations.

Know your obligations and show compliance with this user-friendly software today. Reach out to Iron Mountain's Information Governance team to learn more about advisory services, strategic program development, retention and disposition for compliance.