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The Iron Mountain® Custodial Records solution provides a complete, end to end solution for your closing practice or hospital including storage, release of information and secure destruction for all physical and electronic records.

November 16, 20186 mins
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What if you could

  • have confidence that your patients can have continuity of care and easily fulfill their record requests?
  • safeguard your clinical and business records from damage, loss or inadvertent disclosure?
  • remain compliant with regulations or court orders governing information retention and destruction?
  • do all of this without worrying about paying monthly bills or program costs?

Business challenge

Your practice or hospital is closing, but your patients still need access to their health records for their continuing care. These records must be kept throughout their retention period and processed for release should they be requested by patients or to other authorized requesters for patient care, discovery requests or claims-related issues. In addition, when your record shave reached their legal retention requirements, you'll want to make sure they are securely destroyed to mitigate the future risks that may arise from potential litigation or a breach.

Solution features and benefits

The Iron Mountain® Custodial Records solution provides a complete, end to end solution for your closing practice or hospital including storage, release of information and secure destruction for all physical and electronic records. By leveraging our proven capabilities and HIPAA-compliant best practices, you'll have a tailored program that provides you with the below.

Secure storage

Your records - including medical and business records - will be stored in highly secure, HIPAA-compliant storage facilities. These facilities provide intrusion detection and alarms, physical access controls, fire detection and suppression systems and 24/7 central monitoring - all of which give you complete peace of mind that your records are always protected. Electronic records will be uploaded into our secure cloud as PDF files and indexed to facilitate easy and accurate ROI processing upon request.

Release of information

When patient files are needed, records can be released to patients or authorized requesters upon submission of a valid Release of Information request and authorization. Because your records can be both stored and released by Iron Mountain, your patients can enjoy faster and easier processing of their requests. Additionally, an Accounting of Disclosures can be provided should your patients request one.

Secure destruction

Once your records have met their retention requirements, Iron Mountain can securely destroy your hardcopy records and wipe electronic data, rendering assets unrecoverable and unreadable, enabling you to minimize future risk.

Solution implementation

As an industry leader with more than 50 years of information management expertise, Iron Mountain provides services built upon highly secure and proven workflows that enable the compliant management of records regardless of format and an end-to-end chain of custody across the entire information lifecycle. Our Custodial Records Solution offers all of these benefits in a single, easy-to-implement program.

Affordable programs

We will work with you to understand your requirements and aid you in tailoring a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that meets your needs. All program fees will be paid in advance - ensuring that upon closing your facility, you won't have to worry about paying monthly bills or program costs.

Patient notification

Once your program has been established, you can notify patients, in accordance with regulatory requirements, to contact Iron Mountain for future medical record requests.

Expert staff

Our knowledgeable team of healthcare experts will support the needs of your patients and other authorized requesters who need access to patient records. Requesters will be instructed to complete an authorization form to initiate the request process, and all requests will be validated prior to release to ensure compliance.

For more information

Closing a hospital or medical practice is always hard but managing your information doesn't have to be. To learn more about the Iron Mountain Custodial Records solution, please contact us via our toll-free number 800.899.IRON (4766) or visit us online at

With Iron Mountain's custodial records solution, you:

  • can close your practice or hospital and be secure in the knowledge that your clinical and business records are safely stored until their retention requirements are met
  • provide seamless continuity of care with a proven process in place for your patients to access their records
  • minimize risk by securely destroying records that meet their retention requirements

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