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Achieving digital transformation is a top priority worldwide, and enterprise leaders are using artificial intelligence (AI) insights to improve decision‐making and provide better customer service.

April 29, 20246 mins
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Almost every organization is asking, “How can I get more value from my data?” The resounding answer is “digital transformation.” Yet the path to digital transformation is not always straightforward. While most information today is created in a digital format, enterprises still work with a sizable number of physical documents, distributed across multiple departmental silos, each with its own records and information management process.


Achieving digital transformation is a top priority worldwide, and enterprise leaders are using artificial intelligence (AI) insights to improve decision‐making and provide better customer service. However, 90% say it’s challenging to make data available in a suitable format.

Organizations pull data from an average of 400 sources to feed business insights, and over a third have to manually code data to get it into the needed format for analytics. When information is stored on paper, it’s hard to find and can’t be easily accessed or quickly shared— especially with a remote workforce.

Data silos and the resulting data management inefficiencies impede insights and innovation.

A single non‐compliance event can cost more than $14 million. But the cost of achieving compliance isn’t trivial. With labor costs making up 68% to 94% of the cost of regulatory compliance, time‐consuming and labor‐intensive physical document management contributes significantly to annual costs of up to $31 million.

Industry fact

  • 400

    The average organization pulls from 400 data sources to feed business insights.


What if you could

Leverage a secure, unified, and AI‐driven document processing platform that helps you:

  • Tap into the power and value hidden in both physical and digital data.
  • Intelligently and automatically capture, classify, index, enrich, and visualize data to increase efficiency.
  • Validate your data is complete and apply automated information governance for security and compliance.

Iron Mountain InSight Intelligent Document Processing

Iron Mountain InSight® Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a cloud-native software-as-a- service (SaaS) platform that not only transforms structured, semi- structured and unstructured data into usable information, it also enables teams to create their own automated workflows. IDP provides a low-code development environment with an AI model library, tools for data labeling and training, monitoring and exception handling. InSight IDP ingests, processes, and unifies physical and digital records, using intelligent automation to classify, extract, and enrich data to quickly turn documents into information you can use. This can transform your business by helping you:

  • Unlock insights from data:

    Visualize data — from paper and tape to data center and cloud — on a scalable platform that consolidates physical and digital information. Advanced AI/ML capabilities deliver high-impact customer insights for more personalized, coordinated, and effective service.

  • Make informed decisions and improve customer service:

    Digitize, extract, classify, and verify information with speed and accuracy, quickly turning documents into information you can use.

  • Increase productivity:

    Leverage a team of experts or create your own customized, AI‐driven automated workflows to increase productivity.

  • Improve compliance:
    Create automated workflows and apply industry‐standard policies for governance and retention to reduce the time, effort, and cost of compliance along with the chance for errors.

Act on more of your data

Contact Iron Mountain to learn how we can help you leverage more of your data to accelerate insights while improving efficiency and streamlining compliance.