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Whether you're at the helm of a research library or a treasured local hub, you are faced with the challenge of balancing the evolving needs of your patrons while ensuring the protection of and access to your collections.

October 27, 20234 mins
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Whether leading a research library or managing a treasured public library branch, you face the challenge of balancing your library and its patrons’ evolving needs, all while ensuring that your collections are protected and available. In addition to the traditional demand to create new spaces to support dynamic learning, social interaction, and collaboration, there is also an immediate need to foster spaces that encourage social distancing. These demands put pressure on your limited library real estate and reduce available floor space for your valuable collections.

Investing in a library project calls for thoughtful consideration and careful planning to ensure you get the most out of your budget. You need a partner who has the experience and resources to help you think through your options and develop a plan that meets your institution’s goals.

You’ll benefit from working with experts who understand your unique requirements, including:

  • Preparing and inventorying collections for relocation
  • Reducing stack space for your collections
  • Digitizing special collections and unique content
  • Changing the way you provide services to your patrons

Today’s evolving library


Innovative and scalable collection solutions for libraries, archives, and special collections

The Iron Mountain Library Services team of subject matter experts (SMEs) are professional librarians and archivists. Our SMEs will work with you to develop a customized solution and ensure that you understand the best options for your library or archives. You will benefit from Iron Mountain’s in-depth knowledge of how to properly care for your unique collections to include monographs, special collections, bound journals, microform, multimedia, art, artifacts, and more. Your collections will be protected and accessible so that you can continue to serve your community.

How we can help

Planning and scoping Expert librarians and archivists provide consulting on how to best manage your collections throughout your transformation and will tailor the solution to the needs of your organization.

Collection move readiness From preparation, stabilization and boxing of materials, to inventory analysis, our experts work with you to develop relocation preparation that is strategic, cost-effective, and appropriate—all of which ensure that collections will be protected and accessible when moved.

Relocation and collection shifting services These services are tailored to the needs of your library or archive. Specialized workflows and handling are paired with Iron Mountain’s secure chain of custody to deliver solutions at any scale. You will be confident knowing that your collections are being handled with care by trained staff who understand maintaining collection order and library classification.

Storage and access Solutions are available for all types of collections and institutional needs. From circulating collections to the most valuable special collections, you will have access to temporary swing space or long-term storage in a variety of environmental configurations. Circulation back to the library can be made seamless to your librarians and patrons with either integration options with your ILS or collection management software.

Archival digitization Specialized handling, workflow, and digitization capabilities provide institutions with a new option for processing and imaging select materials or entire collections at scale, while adhering to the strictest archival standards, including complying with FADGI guidelines.

Media digitization From modern standard media types to lesser known, rarely used formats, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services supports the digitization of all of your media. Our labs feature industry veterans who are highly trained in preservation and digitization techniques to ensure you get the protection you need through the digitization process. Our expert systems enable you to examine your collections using artificial intelligence, while they are protected on our Iron Cloud.

Fine art relocation and storage Specialty fine art services are provided through our sister business, Crozier Fine Arts. You will have the technical expertise, tools, and storage to manage art and artifacts of all sizes.

Secure logistics Efficient and secure transportation programs are available for collections of all sizes — whether it be for a single move or for regular repeat shipments.

Outsourced labor Augment your staff with resources you can trust to ensure projects get done right. Whether you are looking for regular project labor or skilled librarians. Iron Mountain can provide you with the staffing you need to complete your project.

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