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It's time to manage your records efficiently. Learn how to achieve a compliant RIM program with Iron Mountain's Onsite Professional Records Management Services.

April 4, 20246 mins
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Industry Fact:

Ninety-four percent of organizations intend to apply more budget and resources to their information management programs, but a massive 72 percent lack a strategic, multi-year plan for records and information management.1

Business Challenge

Records and Information Management (RIM) is complex — your information is growing rapidly and improperly managed records increase your costs for discovery, litigation and storage. In fact, did you know that 76 percent of organizations say they have a legally credible retention schedule, yet only 50 percent of those have implemented that schedule enterprise-wide? That’s not entirely surprising considering 54 percent of most organizations have no records and information management administrative support and very limited staff.1

The reality is that while the majority of organizations may have a RIM program or paper many still struggle due to resource limitations or lack of support from upper management to implement their program to a point where it would pass a regulatory audit.

How This Affects You

The complexity of today’s records management environment demands expertise in indexing and tracking, retention schedule application, legal-hold processes, security and privacy. Increasingly, that expertise requires unifying those initiatives consistently across both physical and electronic records. It is important to select onsite staff that not only match the culture of your organization, but also possess the level of knowledge, experience and technical expertise you need for RIM program.

What If You Could...

  • Rapidly place screened, experienced Records Manager professionals in your office?
  • Gain immediate expertise onsite for managing your electronic records as well as offsite and onsite physical records?
  • Be prepared for regulatory audits and legal requests by demonstrating better access, discovery and auditable tracking?
  • Reduce litigation risk and strengthen defensibility with program-driven compliance?
  • Make your employees more self-reliant when it comes to managing business records?
1 Iron Mountain. “A View into Unified Records Management: Iron Mountain Compliance Benchmark Report.” May 2012.

Onsite Records Management Staffing

With Iron Mountain Onsite Professional Records Management Services,you'll have trained RIM Professionals and screened specialist working alongside you at your location to implement and administer your Onsite Records Management program.With years of experience in best practices, policy management and consistent implementation,Iron mountain can help you achieve a compliant RIM program.

What You Gain...


Peace of mind


Peace of mind

Peace of mind knowing you have exceptional talent managing your RIM program.
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Spend more time on your core business


Spend more time on your core business

The ability to spend more time on your core business because your information obligations are under control.
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Lower your burden


Lower your burden

Lower your administrative burden and keep your RIM program strong.

Onsite Professional Records Management Services bring you the skills you need, including:

Program Administration

  • Retention and compliance for physical and electronic records.
  • Train your end users on records management responsibilities,including how to use your existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system or iron mountain connect™.
  • Standardize procedures and Workflows across your organization.
  • Management of legal holds (assign and release).
  • Oversee destruction processes under your RIM program.

Storage Vendor Management

  • Integration of onsite management with offsite storage services.
  • Quality oversight on data integrity and records classification.
  • Cost-effective vendor consolidation for reduced total program cost.

File Room Administration

  • Administration of open-shelf and archival records storage facilities.
  • File room purges and shift services,including box stacking or shredding.

Business Processes And Workflow

  • Document imaging and conversion.
  • Develop new or enhance existing workflows for greater efficiency and compliance.
  • Integration of records management practices into scanning initiatives.

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