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Multi-tier data storage to preserve and protect for less.

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Multi-tier data storage to preserve and protect for less


For those in charge of data management, what keeps you up at night? It’s likely you have too much to manage, you’re dealing with lots of unstructured data, and you need a single source of data governance truth. At the same time, data needs to be easily portable—that is, it can be moved to another storage tier without the tax or cost of egress fees.

Organizations are tasked with simultaneously keeping data accessible and protected—a balancing act that can be daunting. What this leads to is an all-or-nothing data management approach, treating all information the same and paying a premium as a result.

Here are three realities that drive up storage costs, impact user access, and put data retention policies to the test:


Organizations are creating overwhelming volumes of data, which, when combined with legacy data, requires more time and resources devoted to effective storage and data management solutions.
Unstructured data is continuing to grow by 30% to 60% annually and will triple in volume by 2024.1


While some data is critical to daily operations and real-time decision-making, a large percentage of data is no longer active, but must be kept for compliance reasons.
The likelihood of reusing data decreases with age: 80% of data created becomes inactive legacy data, never to be accessed again.2


Cyber threats are on the rise, putting business data at risk and creating challenges about how to keep data both safe and rapidly recoverable.
2020 saw a 715% year-over-year increase in attempted and blocked ransomware attacks.3

What’s needed is a modern and intelligent approach to data management based on business data value, accessibility needs, and required protection. When done right, organizations can optimize storage across the entire data lifecycle, increase control over data, and gain valuable insights — for less money and fewer resources.

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