Wholesale Shredding & Destruction Services

Leverage Iron Mountain’s Network to save on destruction costs
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Wholesale Shredding & Destruction Services

Leverage Iron Mountain’s Network to save on destruction costs
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Iron Mountain is now offering back end operational service and support to companies in Records Management, Data Management and Shredding. Whether you need whole sheet or box shredding, or hard drive and data tape destruction, Iron Mountain will be your trusted partner. With this model, you’ll maintain your customer relationships, safeguard a secure chain of custody, save on operating costs and ensure your recycled materials are always purchased at competitive rates.


Instead of working with a recycler, you’ll bring shredded materials to one of Iron Mountain’s many facilities and receive rebate compensation based on the monthly commodity index. No more worrying about whether recyclable paper will be accepted by your recycling provider or downgraded due to a small percentage of contaminates.

How Wholesale Shredding works

How Wholesale Shredding works
*Process may vary by market


Your company needs a way to perform thorough and compliant destruction while controlling costs. Our Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition service helps you destroy, recycle or repurpose IT equipment in a way that ensures compliance, security and sustainability for all of your products. With this wholesale partner approach, Iron Mountain will accept your destroyed materials or destroy them on your behalf.

Why choose Iron Mountain?

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Given it’s expansive network, Iron Mountain is able achieve economies of scale when selling paper to mills and can therefore buy paper at competitive rates.
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Iron Mountain has shred facilities across North America, providing you with local options for dropping off recyclable tonnage and saving on drive times.
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Iron Mountain can work with partners to provide customized support, whether it’s buying shredded materials or performing the destruction of paper, products or IT assets.
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A global leader in information management services, Iron Mountain maintains high standards to ensure your information is securely destroyed and disposed of.



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Wholesale destruction solution brief

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