IT Asset Disposition: Remarketing, Recycling, & Media Destruction


IT Asset Disposition: Remarketing, Recycling, & Media Destruction

Secure IT Asset Disposition Services That

Enhance Security

Improve Sustainability

Protect Brand Reputation

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Secure ITAD For Enterprise

A secure & sustainable way to dispose of IT assets.


Recycling: Support company environmental goals.

Remarketing: Maximize return on investment for IT assets and minimize total cost of ownership.

Secure destruction: Ensure complete data security through a secure chain of custody.

Lease Return Services: Lease schedules are monitored and assets that are at the end of lease are itemized, wiped of all data, and returned to the lessor.


Commonly accepted items include:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Network devices
  • Hard drives
  • Tapes
  • Mobile phones

View a list of items we accept for it asset recycling and data destruction.


  • Best in class data security.
  • Advanced sustainability
  • Maximized savings, ROI, & value recovery
  • Unmatched scope & global reach
  • Free up internal space and resources

Dispose of your retired IT assets in a secure and convenient way - all for a single price. Ideal for an office.


  • 1 large office electronics recycling box can hold equivalent of 40 small computers or 20 standard monitors.

How it works

  • We deliver the box & the pallet, you fill it, we collect it and securely dispose of your hardware.


  • Box Dimensions: 48" x 40" x 36" (gaylord box).
  • Box Max Weight: 800lbs.
  • Acceptable Materials: PC.'s, Laptops, Data-bearing media (hard drives, computer tapes, etc.), Monitors Peripherals, Cell Phones, etc.
  • Materials NOT Acepted: TV's, Server racks, white goods (home appliances, AC units, microwave ovens, refrigerators), hazardous waste, furniture, chemicals, or paint.


  • A secure & easy way to clear an assortment of old & unused IT hardware & office electronics.
  • Easy online ordering and fulfillment.
  • Secure chain of custody followed by a certificate of recycling.
  • Within the office manager's spending authority.
  • Environmentally-responsible.


pounds processed per year

countries supported globally

assets processed per year

ITAD processing facilities

What sets our IT asset disposition services apart

With most IT teams fully consumed by their “day jobs”—setting up new employees’ computers, managing network security, deploying and supporting applications, and maintaining an infrastructure—there’s almost no time left to focus on best practices for IT asset disposition (ITAD). Inadequate attention dedicated to the proper disposition of IT assets leads to increased risks, including loss of control over confidential data, lack of compliance, and impacted financial performance.

Organizations place high value on operational efficiency and maximum return on tech investments. We get it. Your company data is extremely valuable and we don’t take it for granted. That’s why we go that extra mile by providing your team with:


Comprehensive Data Destruction

With the world’s most secure data sanitization platform, we ensure compliance and provide certified data sanitization along with an audit-ready chain of custody for each serialized asset.


State-of-the-Art Maximum Security

Our mobile destruction vehicles are outfitted with patented precision destruction equipment and security controls. Wherever your IT assets are in the disposition journey, you can keep track using our Secure ITAD Management System.


Verifiable Destruction

A certificate of data erasure and asset destruction is issued at the end of the process to prove your materials have been thoroughly broken down.



All shredded materials are recycled in a secure, environmentally friendly manner. Those who choose remarketing as a value recovery option also contribute to their team’s sustainability efforts.

Comprehensive, Audit-Ready Reporting

For a more comprehensive verification of your IT asset disposition efforts, we also provide:

Blue icon of a document with the upper left corner folded over

Settlement reports


Certificates of erasure

Blue icon of a paper shredder

Certificates of shredding

A blue icon of a calendar with a check mark

Monthly audit reports

Blue icon of a wind turbine

Certificates of recycling


Environmental reports

Customer Success Story: Global Consultancy Firm, Mott MacDonald


Mott MacDonald employs 16,000 people in 150 countries. To enable its future success, it needed a single, global process to securely dispose of end-of-life, data-bearing assets.


Through the use of Iron Mountain’s Secure ITAD solution, Mott MacDonald was able to ensure remarketing and destruction of its old IT equipment with asset tracking enabled throughout the entire journey.


IT teams don’t have to spend valuable time dismantling or wiping old hardware, leaving more time for innovation, and employees get the latest technology sooner. The business benefits from higher productivity, reduced risk of data breaches, smaller carbon footprint, and sustainable practices.

  • 100 US and UK sites are now live with more countries onboarding
  • 16,000 employees will be able to contribute to recycling efforts
  • £500,000 in potential annual revenue of resale of usable IT assets
  • Full audit trail and CO2 savings leveraging local and Iron Mountain fleets
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