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Unpredictable interest rates, an evolving regulatory environment, and shifting borrower demographics are just a few challenges facing today’s lenders. Meeting those challenges has resulted in rising origination costs and lower margins. To be successful in today’s environment, lenders must innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Iron Mountain’s Mortgage and Loan Solutions can help you tackle any challenge with its innovative products and services designed to reduce your costs as well as keep you compliant.

With our Mortgage and Loan Solutions you can:

  • Implement automated processes leveraging leading edge technology
  • Reduce regulatory risk
  • Strengthen chain of custody
  • Implement scalability and a variable cost model
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage large volumes of documents in a hybrid environment
  • Integrate new technology with legacy systems
AI for Streamlining the Mortgage Process

AI for Streamlining the Mortgage Process

Mortgage and Loan Solutions Use Cases


COVID-19 is testing lender business continuity plans. Some sites are temporarily shut down, limiting remote employees access to physical loan files. Implementing proper social distancing measures to reduce employee risks can be difficult with limited real estate.


Iron Mountain can process physical loan files and provide digital images to enable access by remote employees. Our storage capabilities can hold and help handle files until business as usual processing has returned. Let Iron Mountain be your trusted partner to help you sustain your business.

  • improve your business continuity plan for backup loan processing
  • reduce COVID-19 site exposure risk

With interest rates dropping rapidly, refinance loan volumes are at a record high. Small business loans are also on the rise amidst COVID-19. These large fluctuations in volume make resource planning difficult for post closing operations, resulting in missed deadlines and backlogs. If loan securitization prerequisites cannot be met on time then meeting cash flow requirements will be a challenge.


Iron Mountain has best-in-class operations to digitize, process and deliver loan files to the next destination. Our solutions meet data validation requirements for all investors while matching the tightest timelines. Leverage Iron Mountain’s secure facilities and staffing to scale for unplanned volumes and future growth.

  • improve operational efficiencies for loan securitizations
  • reduce operational costs while meeting demand
  • improve process scalability while working remotely

During a loan purchase or sale, the buyer or seller must properly organize and process documents to meet contract requirements within a strict timeline. Documents requiring processing and movement can be in a physical or electronic format. With limited resources, digitizing large volumes of files and mapping images to taxonomies can sometimes be impossible.


Iron Mountain has best-in-class operations to digitize and organize image information meeting contract requirements. Our solutions can meet the strictest timelines leveraging human-supervised machine learning to deliver near 100 percent accurate image classification results that map to your image taxonomies.

  • meet strict timelines for image delivery and classification
  • reduce overall Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) deal costs

The lending industry is preparing for a rapid increase in default rates due to COVID-19. Managing a large influx of collateral files for imaging, validation and disposition to an attorney can be difficult with limited access to real estate, hardware and staffing while most employees are working remotely.


Iron Mountain can be the record keeper for mortgage servicers while default activities are in progress. Our solutions can scale quickly to inbound loan default packages image files and store those files in an active file room environment until files reach an attorney. Let Iron Mountain be your processing center for default document support.

  • reduce investor fines
  • meet strict state timelines for collateral disposition
  • increase scalability with the ability to handle large fluctuations in inbound volume
  • limit collateral file movement from default to liquidation

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mortgage servicers continue to apply loss mitigation tactics to reduce financial losses. Loan modifications are a common way to reduce loss while keeping a borrower in a home. As loan modification volume increases, keeping up with document processing and data validation can be a challenge.


With Iron Mountain’s Loan Modification Service, you can ensure loan documents are handled using proper chain of custody and records management best practices. Our service safeguards your organization against possible financial loss as documents move through the loan modification process. Iron Mountain can be the single point of contact for handling inbound physical documents and enabling digital workflow.

  • exceed processing times for loan modification contracts
  • quickly validate inbound documents while also reducing physical document movement
  • reduce document losses with improved document chain of custody

Tackle Mortgage and Loan Challenges Head On

Iron Mountain Mortgage and Loan Solutions provides a broad array of services and solutions that can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements and help you manage the records critical to your business. Accelerate your digital transformation by capturing, classifying, indexing, enriching and visualizing your loan data regardless of format – physical or digital. Replicate your file room in a secure, offsite environment in order to manage your vast number of documents and records. Digitize your paper-based information and allow fast, easy and environmentally friendly retrieval of files. Evaluate your current processes and transform your workplace to better manage loan records and information.


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2,500 financial services institutions use Iron Mountain’s solutions and services


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Each of the Top 10 Loan Originators use Iron Mountain’s solutions and services


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23 of the 29 GSE sanctioned custodians work with Iron Mountain


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Iron Mountain has over 65 years of experience in servicing the needs of financial services customers

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