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Certify that mortgage documents and digital assets are complete and accurate. Safeguard them throughout the life of the loan. Ensure they are transferred in a timely manner. Efficiently retrieve them to release liens—all while meeting regulatory and investor requirements.

January 23, 20246 mins
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Industry fact

The global Digital Asset Custody market is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.7%.

Source: Proficient Market Insights

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Business challenge

The US mortgage market is underpinned by hundreds of millions of loan collateral documents. Management of custodial documents throughout their lifecycle is incredibly challenging.

What if you could

Automate the management of physical and digital loan documents so you can store and retrieve key collateral to comply with regulatory requirements—securely and cost-effectively. This helps you:

  • Scale effectively through market swings.
  • Safeguard physical and digital assets avoiding financial losses from lost or impaired documentation.
  • Manage physical and digital loan documents promoting marketability and enforceability.

Iron Mountain Document Custody solution

Iron Mountain Document Custody solution is an agile managed service that uniquely administers the certification, tracking, safeguarding, and transferring of your most critical physical and digital loan collateral files. The solution empowers financial institutions to focus on more strategic business initiatives. With Iron Mountain Document Custody solution, you can achieve:

On-demand scalability


On-demand scalability

Handle fluctuating business volumes while maintaining accurate certifications. This managed service tracks physical and digital documents, reviews key data, and escalates exceptions for human review that triggers comprehensive certification and analytical reporting to government-supported enterprises (GSEs).
secure safe

Safeguard physical and digital assets


Safeguard physical and digital assets

Save time and money with efficient and optimized operational processes. This solution uniquely administers the certification, tracking, safeguarding, and transferring of your most critical physical and digital loan collateral files. Avoid financial losses from lost or impaired documentation. Authorized users can quickly and easily track the location and disposition of every file from anywhere on a single web-based portal.

Promote loan marketability and enforceability


Promote loan marketability and enforceability

Offload document storage and management to a proven mortgage document custody services provider with a center of excellence for mortgage process expertise. Iron Mountain facilities, security processes, and controls are compliant with Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie custodial requirements.  Auditable chain of custody, secure storage, data encryption, access restriction, and role-based permissions keep data safe. eVault capabilities reliably establish the person or entity to whom the single, authoritative copy of the digital loan is assigned, issued, or transferred, so that digital loans remain negotiable and transferable.

Customer success story

A document custodian needed to recertify over 400,000 loans in a short time frame and did not have the space nor staffing to accommodate this enormous undertaking. To complete the project on time, the document custodian partnered with Iron Mountain to:

  • Handle the daily receipt/return of collateral file from to custodian
  • Certify to validate/review collateral documents/ data against required checklists for each loan type and checklist
  • Image documents to support remote processing
  • Control a strict chain of custody for all documentation
  • Manage file transfers between systems
  • Provide temporary safekeeping in Iron Mountain vault

Managed service

The solution is made up of expertly trained teams, document custody processes, and Iron Mountain secure physical and digital tracking technology. Tap into Iron Mountain expertise to perform essential tasks you may not have the budget, staffing, or skills to handle inhouse.

Business results from an experienced and trusted partner

Iron Mountain’s Document Custody solution is used by some of the largest U.S. custodian financial institutions to manage a significant portion of newly originated collateral. Mortgage customers cite continually improving performance levels with collateral managed by Iron Mountain. 

  • 23/29
    23 of the 29 government-sponsored enterprise (GSE)-sanctioned custodians work with Iron Mountain
  • 50–60%
    Workload reduction achieved in commercial loan applications by digitally extracting data from thousands of document types and formats
  • 25%
    Reduced default rate for technology-based mortgage lenders
  • 2,700
    Thousands of insurance carriers utilize our suite of solutions and services

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