Paper may be putting your bank at risk—go paperless!

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As banks move away from paper-based processing towards more efficient branch environments, quick and secure access to holistic customer information elevates your customers’ branch experience while reducing business risk. Iron Mountain’s Digital Bank solution is a comprehensive suite of services transforming your paperless branch journey.

June 22, 20236 mins
Paper may be putting you at risk - GO PAPERLESS!

Iron Mountain Digital Bank solution is a comprehensive suite of optional services transforming your branch operations for efficiency, compliance and a better customer experience.

Maintain compliance and achieve efficiency

We’ll scan, classify, index and quality-check the scanned images. You can digitally search and easily find your scanned physical documents and digital records. The information is stored in a secure central software as a service (SaaS) information management and content services platform.

Reduce Your Risk

Paper customer records created and stored in the bank branch can pose significant business risk resulting in:

  • Limited visibility and governance over sensitive customer information;
  • Costly and inefficient manual processes;
  • Difficulty accessing information quickly impacting the customers’ experience - especially in the case of natural disasters, unforeseen closures, or merger and acquisition activity.

Provide controlled digital access and transparency into your heavily-regulated customer files. Your customer’s sensitive data is securely protected ensuring security, privacy and compliance with your policies.

A tier 1 North American bank tackled paper in over 1,000 of its branches.

We addressed an audit finding on the branch's governance of client documents. Based on client classification and record retention schedules, we determined and executed a store vs destroy strategy.

Improve Your Branch Efficiency

Optimize your costly branch footprint. We efficiently digitize physical customer and operational documents - eliminating the need for onsite filing cabinets. You can make better use of your branch space and have secure data access anywhere.

We worked with a global bank with over 1,400 branches in Latin America.

We provided rapid and accurate indexing of critical customer data that freed up branch space by eliminating stored branch boxes. They achieved a secure chain of custody with scanned and indexed digital files in an electronic repository. The right documents were then put in long term storage for compliance requirements.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Impact the branch experience by providing your bank staff a fast 360-degree view of all customer data and operations files - the centralized information enhances visibility and access.

A tier 1 U.S. retail bank tackled paper at more than 5,000 branches.

We eliminated legacy files within the branches by digitizing and providing visibility into key files. As a result, their customers can receive better service. Based on classification and record retention schedules provided, we stored information they needed and securely destroyed the rest.


We support legacy and net-new file processes to accelerate your journey.

Becoming a Paperless Bank - The Digital Way

Complementary SERVICE OPTIONS:

  • Records Storage - We pick up, transport and securely store your customer records based on your compliance guidelines
  • Information Governance - We assist with reviewing, improving, or accelerating the intricacies of information retention, privacy, compliance and risk management
  • Smart Sort - We sort and reorganize your files according to destruction eligibility, record type, record status, unique identifier
  • Clean Start - We manage the clean-out process and provide services to facilitate the secure destruction, or donation of the items you no longer need


  • 46/50
    46 of 50 top U.S. banks trust us with their assets
  • 94
    Scale: 94 centers across 44 countries specializing in imaging, indexing, QA, and processing - handling over 1.5 billion documents per year
  • End to End
    End-to-end information management including picking up physical documents, digitizing and storing assets in a cloud repository, and paper disposition
  • 1000
    Deep experience from custom engagements with Fortune 1000 customers building and refining options for banking

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