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The Ever-Changing Information Landscape in Education

Educational institutions face many challenges when it comes to managing information. And as data grows at an unprecedented rate, educational institutions need to be thinking about how to manage that data, including managing various retention schedules that span multiple stakeholders as well as destruction of sensitive data.

With a plethora of records ranging from individual student transcripts and employee records, to facility blueprints, grant programs, financials, individualized student plans, and board minutes to name a few – keeping up-to-date on security and privacy compliance with the constant increase of information flow is paramount.

Iron Mountain understands these unique challenges and is here to help

Understanding the full scope of your information lifecycle management is key. This means taking a comprehensive approach to managing information by identifying its location and purpose at every phase of its life – from the moment it’s created, to the time in which it can be disposed. An effective information lifecycle management program greatly enhances the learning and administration environment, while mitigating security, privacy, and compliance risks.

Iron Mountain – with its robust portfolio of information lifecycle solutions – serves as education’s trusted partner of assets that are the key component of the management, operations, accountability, and most importantly, the teaching and learning process of the education system.


Iron Mountain provides services to our state and local government customers through several state contract vehicles. Please contact us at for more information or consult your state's procurement site.

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