Iron Cloud® Endpoint, powered by Carbonite

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With so much valuable data on laptops and other devices, businesses leaders today require a reliable, secure and trusted partner to help them ensure data is protected across an increasingly mobile workforce with widely distributed data. Iron Cloud Endpoint provides advanced protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Global location tracking, remote lock and remote wipe keep company data out of the wrong hands.

September 21, 20216 mins
Iron Cloud® Endpoint, Powered by Carbonite

All-around endpoint protection for the mobile workforce

Iron Cloud® Endpoint powered by Carbonite® is a comprehensive, automatic backup solution for all your endpoint devices and the data that resides on them. Protecting data from human error, malware and theft becomes more complicated when protection is spread across wide geographic distances and complex network topologies. Iron Cloud Endpoint powered by Carbonite simplifies the administrative tasks associated with deploying protection across an entire organization, no matter the size, distribution or sophistication of the environment.

Advanced administration

Central management and control features help simplify deployment, while flexible configuration options reduce the impact of backup workloads traveling over the network.

  • Advanced administrative control: Simplify administrative tasks with legal hold, audit reporting, role-based access, APIs and exports.
  • Centralized control: Centrally manage and restore user data and minimize data loss with audit trails, monitoring and alerts.
  • Remote management: Recover data from a device remotely and restore to the same device in the same location or restore the data to an entirely new device.
  • Incremental restore: Migrate an entire system to a new device while the user continues to work on the old one or a temporary device.
  • Extend to meet specific needs: Customize the solution to meet your unique needs using the Carbonite Endpoint API — including batch restores.
  • Policy-controlled backups: Back up endpoint data as often as every minute.

Advanced security features

Iron Cloud Endpoint protects laptops and mobile devices from internal and external threats. It includes advanced features like device tracking, legal hold and more.

  • Data encryption: Data is encrypted before it leaves the device using 256-bit AES encryption at rest and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for data in transit.
  • Global device tracking: Locate a device anywhere in the world with GPS-enabled tracking.
  • Data wipe: Erase data remotely with time-based policy triggers or on-demand when a device is lost or stolen.
  • Legal hold: Easily comply with legal hold requirements when facing litigation.
  • Enterprise Key Controller: Provides an extra layer of security and control for companies using the public cloud or a third party data center.
  • Role-based access: Create separate permission settings to grant or restrict access to administrative functionality
  • Metadata preservation: File metadata protected during backup and restore.

High performance

Iron Cloud Endpoint powered by Carbonite gives your organization the necessary tools for managing global bandwidth usage intelligently so there’s minimal disruption to network performance.

  • Scalable protection: Deploy software remotely to support employees in remote and branch offices (ROBO) without adding headcount.
  • Global deduplication: Reduce backup workloads with client-side deduplication, then further reduce data blocks in storage with intelligent, global deduplication of encrypted data.
  • Local cache: Provide faster data restores and improve network traffic efficiency further by backing up encrypted data to a device’s local cache.
  • Best-in-class public cloud options: Take advantage of our relationships with Microsoft to deploy in public or private clouds.

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