Iron Cloud® Recover, powered by Carbonite®

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Iron Cloud Recover is a disaster recovery as a service offering that securely replicates critical systems from a primary environment to the Carbonite cloud. This ensures that an up-to-date secondary copy is available for failover at any moment, minimizing downtime as well as costs. You pay for what you use, when you use it, not for idle resources.

September 21, 20216 mins
Iron Cloud® Recover, Powered By Carbonite

Ensure higher levels of uptime for top-tier systems with push-button cloud failover.

The clock starts ticking the minute a critical business system goes down. As lost revenue piles up and productivity drops, resuming normal operations becomes paramount.

The fastest way to recover is to relocate the workload to another server, often at a secondary location. But for most businesses, the redundant hardware, server space and additional human resources are far too costly to make this a viable option. So, in the face of potentially devastating outages, many IT departments simply live with the risk or settle for less expensive backup options for critical workloads.

The solution is Iron Cloud® Recover powered by Carbonite®— a disaster recovery software offering hosted by Carbonite. By securely replicating critical systems from your primary environment to the cloud, Carbonite Recover ensures that an up-to-date secondary copy is available for failover at any moment, minimizing downtime as well as costs. While less critical workloads are secured through traditional backup, Carbonite Recover keeps systems that are essential for critical business operations online and accessible, no matter what happens at the source.

Real-time replication and near-zero downtime

With Carbonite Recover, replication from the primary server to the cloud happens continuously at the byte level. The replica at the secondary cloud location is constantly synchronizing with the source, ensuring the currency of the data. Immediate failover is possible to the cloud-based replica when your failure threshold has been reached. The total downtime or RTO, is measured in minutes, and the recovery point (RPO) is only seconds old, virtually eliminating the business impact of the outage.

Engineered for complex IT environments

The failover of a single server is fairly straightforward. But most systems are made up of interdependent, multi-tier applications. Iron Cloud Recover is designed to support key requirements of complex IT environments, including:

  • Orchestration – Multi-tier applications often have a specific boot order, and additional needs for custom automation, to ensure the application is reconstituted appropriately. The orchestration and automation built into Iron Cloud Recover, along with custom script points, support these complex use cases across groups of servers.
  • Performance and bandwidth – By sending tiny amounts of data across the wire on an ongoing basis, Iron Cloud Recover minimizes performance impact, both on the servers being protected and on the network.
  • Security – All data is secured by AES-256 encryption, both in flight and at rest.
  • DNS – Once your systems fail over, Iron Cloud Recover automates DNS updates to seamlessly redirect your users to the new systems.
  • Streamlined administration – View and edit job status and create exclusion policies to optimize protection performance.
  • Pre-established VPN – By maintaining a VPN connection to your production network, the steps to connect to your cloud workloads are simplified in the event of an outage.

Testing that builds confidence

In an outage or disaster, confidence in your data protection systems is paramount. Without it, many organizations do not trigger disaster procedures, which leaves them exposed.

The best way to mitigate this is through regular testing, which is available anytime with Iron Cloud Recover. These self-service tests will not disrupt operations, and our award-winning customer support team is available to triage any issues that emerge. The best business continuity plans are tested once per quarter, so we’ve engineered the solution to support regular testing at your convenience.

How it works

Initially, you’ll log in to the console, and the solution will push the agents that perform replication onto the systems being protected. It will then configure the service. Once configured, your systems will send data continuously to the cloud. This will occur at the byte level, minimizing any performance impact to the systems or the network.

When an outage occurs, you can trigger a failover from the Iron Cloud console. Within minutes, the secondary systems in the cloud will spin up and be ready for use. The data on them is barely a few seconds old, and most users won’t even sense a disruption in service.

Once you’re ready to fail back to your primary systems, the process is easily reversed. Iron Cloud Recover powered by Carbonite is supported by our exceptional technical team, who will ensure your data protection plan is operational and support you during an outage.

Carbonite® Recover with Carbonite® Managed Disaster Recover service

For those companies seeking a more managed service approach, Iron Cloud Recover can be paired with Iron Cloud Managed Disaster Recovery service. This white glove service includes not only the initial setup and deployment of the software but provides ongoing management and validation that the disaster recovery solution is functioning correctly, ensuring the business can be brought online in the event of a disaster.