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Learn how Iron Cloud® Server Backup powered by Carbonite provides a multi-layered protection for your data, regardless of the size of your business.

September 21, 20216 mins
Iron Cloud® Server Backup, Powered by Carbonite


Ransomware. Human error. Hardware failure Natural disasters. The list of threats and risks to business data and systems is daunting. Businesses of all sizes need a straightforward, reliable backup and recovery solution that keeps their data confidential and secure, while minimizing downtime by safeguarding and protecting day-to-day operations.


Iron Cloud® Server powered by Carbonite® is a comprehensive, reliable and proven all-in-one server protection solution for physical, virtual and legacy systems. Deployed onsite, it stores copies on a local target as well as in the secure Carbonite cloud. The software, cloud service and even optional onsite hardware are all fully integrated and backed by our award winning Carbonite support team.


Iron Cloud Server, data is backed up from physical and virtual servers to the backup server only once. After the full, initial seed backup completes, only incremental backups are required. Carbonite Server replicates data to the cloud as soon as backup jobs complete. Carbonite Server operates a control framework based on adherence to SOC 2 Type 2 standards and supports compliance with several industry-standard regulations, including HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR and GLBA.


When there’s an outage on a server, IT managers have several options for restoring access to the systems, depending on the cause of the interruption. One option is to restore a full server using bare metal restore, which allows you to recover an entire system including operating system, data and applications. Other options include granular recovery of files, folders and application data (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory). Iron Cloud Server also includes forever- incremental backups with flexible retention options from one year to seven years, supporting both your data protection and regulatory compliance needs.


For systems that are critical to operations, downtime is both costly and damaging. With Iron Cloud Server, you can protect those systems with our cloud failover option, which helps ensure that even if your local data center is unavailable, the data and applications can continue running in the cloud. Critical systems are securely replicated from the primary environment to the cloud, providing an up-to-date secondary copy for failover. Other key features include:

  • Non-disruptive failover testing instills confidence in your disaster recovery plans
  • Simple failback to your primary environment
  • Point-in-time or most current recovery options


Iron Cloud Server includes a rapid VM restore feature that enables businesses to recover a failed VM or Hyper-V in very little time. Features and capabilities include:

  • Restore a VM backup to a fully functional state in as little as two minutes
  • Migrate the recovered VM back to permanent storage at your convenience
  • Run continuous backups of the restored VM, ensuring protection doesn’t lapse
  • Verify backups by easily testing the VM in minutes.


Iron Cloud Server supports hourly backups for select jobs (Windows, SaaS configurations) and comprehensive scheduling and targeted alerts for any items that may have been missed due to backup schedule clashes.

With forever-incremental backups, only incremental changes to your data need to be saved. This significantly reduces backup times after your initial seed backup is complete. Advanced compression and dynamic bandwidth throttling then minimize network bandwidth utilization and preserve network performance, even during peak hours.

Advanced management features, like tag-based backup job creation and automatic verification reports, help simplify and minimize operational costs. Plus, you can easily create application-consistent backups for SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint with the option to truncate transaction logs after a successful backup.


By bringing together onsite protection, local hardware and cloud backup, Iron Cloud Server provides a single-vendor solution that covers all your data protection needs. There’s no need to manage multiple solutions to protect your entire server environment.

Iron Cloud Server supports over 200 operating systems, platforms and applications, including physical, virtual and legacy systems. And with full cloud-integration, no additional cloud services are necessary.


Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • IBM iSeries
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V

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