Drive business efficiency and optimization

Save time and resources by automating workflows, digitizing assets, or migrating to the clouds
"Not only are our medical records secure, but our medical staff have the files they need when they need them."

Cindy Pugliese

Director of HIM

Save time and resources by automating your key business process and digital mailroom workflows, digitize your assets, or migrate to the cloud to reduce your IT burden and enable faster processing and increased accuracy.

Digital Services

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Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition

Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition is a cloud-native intelligent content services platform that combines scanning of physical documents and digital storage in a secure cloud repository, and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically classify Documents and extract metadata from them. Adding structure to unstructured content, it enables business insights, data governance and powerful visual search.
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Iron Mountain InSight Essential Edition

Iron Mountain InSight® Essential Edition is a subscription solution that combines scanning of physical documents and digital storage in a secure cloud repository. Customers have the option to ingest documents from other digital repositories, providing a centralized view of information.
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Workflow Automation powered by Hyland

The Workflow Automation engine, developed by Hyland Software, enables a significant decrease in document processing time, increases staff productivity and reduces errors by automating manual business processes in areas such as HR, Contracts, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
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Cloud Storage and Migration

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Data restoration services

Organizations need quick, cost-effective solutions for retaining and retrieving information for litigation requests, compliance mandates and regulatory requirements — an increasing challenge with today’s high-volume, multi-format media libraries. Iron Mountain data restoration services help protect customers from financial risks and damage to the brand by providing on-demand access to the information they need, quickly and cost-effectively.
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Iron Cloud

Simplify data management with a purpose-built platform that delivers greater integrity, availability and security for all an organization’s digital assets. Customers will know where their data is, how to get it quickly and securely and when to tier from cloud to more economical deep storage.
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Secure Storage and Logistics

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Iron Mountain Clean Start™

With the Iron Mountain Clean Start™ program, we will access how your organization creates, stores, and uses information to help you meet your transformation goals. Through this comprehensive assessment, we will  recommend tools such as active file management, document scanning, workflow automation, and cloud archiving to improve efficiency and support remote employees with anytime, anywhere access to information.
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