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NARA Compliant Records Storage for U.S. Federal Government

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Secure, Compliant Records Management Solutions for the US Federal Government

Records and information are the lifeblood of any agency. Managing and protecting these valuable assets is mission-critical

Iron Mountain Government Solutions’ Records and Information Management (RIM) solutions help you stay compliant – while freeing up time, resources, and valuable physical office space. Our 13 federal records storage facilities – located around the country – meet the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) stringent standards, 36 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1234. All of our facilities are designed by a dedicated real estate and engineering team with expert guidance from federal compliance officers, NARA, and security professionals.


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Auditable Chain-of-Custody

Iron Mountain Government Solutions facilities are governed by strict, industry-leading chain-of-custody procedures. Our proven workflows and technology-enabled tagging means you'll have complete visibility and control over your inventory at all times.

Cleared Personnel

Iron Mountain Government Solutions adheres to the strictest government security requirements. We conduct rigorous background checks, employee screenings, and formalized trainings to ensure the highest standards of security are maintained.

Centralized Access

The Iron Mountain Connect™ Records Management application provides online management of your boxes and files, including metadata, searching, tracking, and processing of service requests. With just a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory, locate what’s required to satisfy an internal or external request, and arrange for it to be quickly scanned or delivered to your location.

Our NARA compliant records storage facilities feature:

  • Stringent security protocols protecting exterior, entry, and interior areas
  • Roof design and support for each individual chamber
  • Comprehensive fire protection, detection, and suppression systems
  • Protective environmental controls
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Dual water supply and double-walled pipe leak protection
  • Ability to store sensitive and classified DOD and U.S. government information at select locations
We understand that each federal agency has its own unique processes and compliance requirements, and our team of Records and Information Management (RIM) experts will work with you to determine your agency's state-of-compliance readiness. Free-up valuable real estate and staff by moving boxes and files to an Iron Mountain NARA compliant facility —without sacrificing visibility to your most valuable information assets.
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