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Smart Assign

Automatically assign record codes according to your policies

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Do you have boxes of records stored with missing record codes?

Stop over-retaining records and start taking control

Why do I need box-level record codes?
When records are stored in boxes with identifiable descriptions but without unique record codes and associated retention rules, it’s difficult to initiate legal holds, respond to audits, or make defensible decisions about what to retain, digitize, or destroy.

Failure to assign record codes according to your retention policies means you’re likely over-retaining records, increasing unnecessary costs and risks, and limiting your ability to respond quickly to compliance obligations or easily navigate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Effortless and automatic box-level coding

Iron Mountain Smart Assign is a technology-enabled solution that streamlines the process of assigning record codes at the box level, automatically aligning with your organization’s retention policies. Smart Assign eliminates the traditional manual-touch process and provides you with the visibility and confidence you need to make informed, defensible decisions about your legacy records.

Smart Assign

Smart Assign makes it easy to:

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Assign record codes at scale, according to your retention policies

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Make defensible decisions about what records to keep, digitize, or destroy


Improve budget planning and reduce the cost and risk of records storage

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Accelerate digital transformation

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Easily respond to compliance requirements or navigate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

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Simplify your ability to defensibly destroy what you no longer need to retain, now and in the future

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How it works

Smart Assign solution summary

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Improve compliance with Smart Assign

Efficient. Cost-effective. Done.

Step 1

Identify records stored without record codes


We work with you to identify boxes of records stored with descriptive information but without record codes.

Step 2

Leverage rule-based algorithms


Using a repository of over 40,000 rules, your inventory report, and an up-to-date retention schedule, Smart Assign helps identify boxes that need to be addressed and automatically applies record codes.

Solution 3

Run a quality check


Once record codes are assigned, a solution specialist will run a quality check, send you a summary for validation, and then upload the information to our online portal.


Make defensible decisions


Once your records have been properly assigned according to your retention policies, they can be defensibly destroyed at the end of their retention period.

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Not sure where to start?

Compass is a powerful, technology-driven diagnostic assessment that can help chart your records cleanup needs.

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain combines decades of records management expertise with a suite of technology-driven products that address an organization’s entire physical records inventory.

No matter how complex the challenge.

When it comes to cleaning up your legacy records inventory, we understand that no two boxes are alike and that different circumstances require different approaches. Smart Assign is just one component of Iron Mountain’s Smart Records Cleanup Suite, a collection of solutions that work together to address your organization’s entire legacy records inventory.

From finding out what’s inside your boxes to reorganizing files and assigning record codes, Smart Suite is one of the many reasons Iron Mountain is your organization’s trusted and strategic partner.

To learn if our Smart Suite is right for your organization, please contact your sales representative or complete this form.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Iron Mountain help me decide which boxes should go through the Smart Assign process?

Your sales representative can review your inventory with you and generate a list of boxes that are missing record codes.

Do you need to pull boxes of records and open each one to assign record codes?

Smart Assign is a technology-enabled solution that automatically assigns record codes at the box-level. There is no need to manually touch any boxes.

How do you know how to classify my boxes?

Smart Assign leverages a repository of over 40,000 rules, your inventory report, and an up-to-date retention schedule to automatically assign record codes at the box-level.

Do I need to have a records policy?

Yes, you need an up-to-date records retention schedule for the Smart Assign process.

Can Smart Assign work for non-paper records?

Yes, Smart Assign works with any physical asset that is stored in a box, such as pathology slides/blocks, microfilm, microfiche, etc.

Is there a minimum number of boxes required to leverage Smart Assign?

There is no minimum number of boxes required for the Smart Assign process.

My boxes are located in several record storage facilities. Can I use Smart Assign everywhere?

Yes, Smart Assign is a technology-enabled solution that does not require any manual processes. Therefore, your records can be stored at any location.

Are there other products or programs that pair with Smart Assign to help me clean up my legacy records?

Iron Mountain has a suite of solutions that were designed to help you clean up your entire legacy records inventory. For more information, visit ironmountain.com/smartsuite.

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