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As hurricane season looms, the risk to our shared cultural heritage intensifies. It's vital to safeguard our archives from such severe weather events.

28 June 20237 mins

As we enter the hurricane season, which spans from the beginning of June to the end of November, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential risks posed to archived materials from severe weather events. Recent incidents have served as stark reminders of the destructive power of nature. New York City, for instance, witnessed unprecedented air pollution originating from wildfires in Canada. Additionally, the Midwest and South regions of the United States have experienced a series of severe storms resulting in flash floods and tornadoes, and extreme heatwaves have become common across Europe.

The onset of hurricane season now brings with it further increased likelihood of severe weather and wildfire risk, posing a significant threat to countless local communities. As guardians of valuable archives, Iron Mountain maintains comprehensive disaster preparedness plans for all of our facilities in anticipation of such calamities; however, there are many resources available for personal emergency response plan use that can help you create a strategy to safeguard your own personal archives. Below is a collection of some of these resources.

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