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2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Thank you for your interest in our corporate responsibility program and the progress we've made thus far against our commitments.

You should know upfront that we approach corporate responsibility through a central belief that we can address pervasive environmental and social issues by leveraging our global scale and through our daily work as the trusted guardians of our customers' most important assets.

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Additional Reports:

2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

This report captures the significant steps we made in 2018 on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey, whilst recognizing how much work still lies ahead of us.

2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

This is our fifth annual Corporate Responsibility Report. This report captures the significant steps we made in 2017 on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey and discusses our areas of focus and opportunities as we move forward. We continue to drive positive business results through our ESG programs and are enthusiastic about the opportunities to help our customers meet their own ESG goals.

2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

With this report we’re also announcing our next step on our CR journey. Early in 2017, we engaged with key stakeholders including customers, investors and the NGO community to identify and better understand the key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues where we face the biggest opportunities and the biggest risks.

2016 Corporate Responsibility Status Report

A little over three years ago we set out a goal to know, share and address the environmental and social impacts of our global business and we released our first report against the Global Reporting Initiative(GRI) framework. With this status update we’re releasing our 2016 key performance indicator results.

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

While this report reflects our performance throughout 2015, we reached an important milestone in our company's history in May 2016 when Iron Mountain announced the completion of our acquisition of Recall Holdings Limited. We are two companies that share one mindset: to better serve the needs of our customers around the world with enhanced services and solutions.

2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We are committed to transparent reporting on sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. Read our Corporate Responsibility Report and see our progress against key measures of success for our efforts in the community, our environment, and for our people.

2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Safety. Fairness. Trust. Respect. Transparency. These are the cornerstones of a responsible enterprise. By honoring these important virtues, we create sustainable opportunities for our customers, our employees, our environment, our investors, our communities and our company.